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Sports Tactics Board

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Features (0.2.1008)

  • Supports more than one sport (currently Soccer/Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Floorball, Futsal and American Football).
  • Records and plays back sequences of positions for documenting tactical strategies or plays.
  • Save and loads tactical sequences from files - allows building a library of plays or drills.
  • Supports pre-defined layouts that position players, ball/puck, cones (for some sports) and officials.
  • Supports exporting images and image sequences to files or clipboard.
  • English and German translations of the UI.

See the change log for more details. This documents all changes committed to source control, which may include additional functionality after the release above.

Potential Future Features

  • Improve drawing of fields, players and movement lines.
  • Support for "views" of sections of the playing field, including rotation.
  • Support for predefined "Field Views" for limited views of areas of the playing field.
  • Movement line types, allowing for passing, carrying, dribbling, heading, etc to be distinguished more easily.
  • Support for additional sports fields (Basketball, handball, rugby, etc.).
  • More configurable and flexible movements lines.
  • Support for marker lines associated with field objects (easily show offside line in soccer, etc.).
  • Support for annotated descriptions and labels placed on the field of play.
  • Pre-defined libraries of tactical sequences built by user community.

  Sports Tactics Board is distributed under the GPL v2 license.