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Sports Tactics Board

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What is it?

Sports Tactics Board is a utility that allows coaches, trainers and officials to describe sports tactics, strategies and positioning using a magnetic or chalk-board style approach. Supports soccer/football, ice hockey, futsal, floorball, volleyball and American football so far, other sports can be easily added.

For a list of current and planned features, please look here.

You can also take a look at the readme.txt file which provides more information on the tool.

How do I get a copy to use?

  1. Get the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework - this is often already installed on up-to-date Windows computers.
  2. Download a release of Sports Tactics Board from the Downloads page.

The Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework can be downloaded from Microsoft using Windows Update or Microsoft Update, or from the Microsoft Download Center.

You can also obtain the source code for Sports Tactics Board using Subversion by following the instructions on this page.


No documentation is available at this time. However, the program is fairly simple and strait-forward to use. Try it to see.


Sports Tactics Board is distributed under the GPL v2 license.

How do I get help, report bugs or request features?

You can request help, report bugs or request features using the tracker.

If you do not get a response within a week, please contact the project administrator in case e-mail notifications are not working properly.

How do I help out?

Help is always desired. First set up an account on SourceForge, then contact the project administrator to help out.

Software Development

If you've got experience developing .NET Forms applications, and a basic interest in sports, you are a candidate for helping.

Tactics Library Development

We will need the help of coaches, trainers and officials from various sports to put together useful sets of tactics so that we can create a library to distribute with the product.

It is important that the tactics come from your own experience, as they cannot be copied directly from books or other places due to copyright reasons. You will also have to be willing to release your tactics libraries under the GPLv2 license.

  Sports Tactics Board is distributed under the GPL v2 license.